African, Love Thyself

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By Mfon offiong

Abuja , Nigeria

The kind of stuffs that go on in the U.S. like drug overdose, suicide and homelessness do not happen in any African country yet they portray themselves as better than us and some of us buy it. Mass shootings – many, in schools don’t even happen here.

Africa has the most enduring social systems in the world (kinship) and social ties; not money, has been found to be the greatest determinant of happiness. Our villages are the most eco-friendly places in the world.

I have written before that water from clay pot which our grandfathers use in Africa has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest drinking water in the world.

We have assorted food and delicacies from natural ingredients that can guarantee healthy living. Some of our delicacies have been found to offer protection against colon cancer and other diseases. Africans are the strongest and most resilient people in the world healthwise. Even COVID19 bow. Bill Gates, CNN, etc can’t understand why we are not dying in the streets from Coronavirus infection in Africa.

Udemy is now offering online course on herbal medicine, meanwhile our teas use to come from herbs. Some of our forebears lived to 90.

Even the weeds (marijuana) some extreme ones among us who want to get high smokes (instead of heroine and cocaine they use in the west) has been found to have health benefits and they have started legalizing it in the west.

Democracy itself is African. Our democracy is so unique that its focus was on building consensus for action not divisions that come from voting. Some of us need to read about democracy in Africa before colonialism.

The village portrayed by Chinua Achebe in his best selling novel “Things Fall Apart” was democracy and diplomacy at its finest.

Yet due to inferiority complex, we somehow look down on ourselves and refuse to build on what we have.

Wake up Africans. Black is beautiful. Love yourself. Be proud of your heritage.

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