How To Attract Your Dream Husband…

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To be very sincere with you, only religious ladies pray for a husband. Some even sow seeds to get a husband these days. You will never hear a worldly girl talk about praying for a husband. In fact, the suitors you are praying to have are queueing behind one worldly girl. Believe me.

What is it that worldly girls do that religious sisters think it’s a sin to do?

Religious sisters appear too unavailable. They are too married to their religiosity that they appear unavailable for marriage. You can’t even make a casual joke around them, they are mean like that.

Honey, if you wanna get married, divorce religiosity. Trust me on this one. Brothers are now suspicious of religious sisters. They believe they are pretending. Be real. If you love him, tell him you do. Don’t play TOO hard to get especially if you admire him too. Most men are very busy these days that they don’t even have time to call their own mothers. Help them save time and cooperate.

■Position Yourself To The Class Of Men You Desire…

If you like medical doctors, make friends with doctors. Join facebook medical groups. Inbox them with imaginary medical problems . Even if you are not sick, ask them questions about your friend who might be sick later in the month .

If you love smart entrepreneurs, join groups where you will find them. Ask them questions. Let me share this secret – no man can resist a woman who asks him questions. Note this down. When you ask a man questions, he interprets it to mean that you believe in his intelligence. It massages his ego. You have him. Trust me.

Remember, you lose a man when you question him…. You gain him when you ask him questions. There’s a difference between questioning someone and asking someone questions. Understand the difference.

■ Speak To his CORE… Seduce With Words, not with your Body:
Use Words to seduce him instead of your body. Say things like “You have the character I desire in the father of my unborn children”… “You are intelligent and I wish you could transfer your intelligence to my unborn children” ….”I will shoot those women commenting on your pictures”….”What did you have for breakfast? “…..”Send me your CV, I found some opportunities online and I want to submit your CV for you”. These words are extremely seductive to a man. They speak to his core. If you seduce a man with your body, the relationship will end in bed… But if you seduce him with words, the relationship will end up at the altar. Intelligent people seduce with words. What are you saying to your crush?

To be continued…

Ayeh Dolian


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