Tigray-Ethiopia War Mediation:Prof Lumumba Salutes Kagame

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REPUBLIC of Ethiopia has been into war with its rebellious North Eastern Region of Tigray for the past two (2) weeks and are still in the war. On Sunday , Ethiopian Federal Government Spokesperson made it known that key Towns in the Tigray Region of the country has been captured by the Federal Troops.

The ongoing Tigray   armed conflict  began in November 2020 in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, between the Tigray Region special forces (led by Tigray People’s Liberation Front) and the Ethiopian National Defense Force, in alliance with the Amhara Region special forces.

Reliable reports has it that Rocket attacks have since spilled over into the neighboring country of Eritrea , African Report Files ,ARFs Blog learnt.


African Leaders and concern citizens has been calling for a ceasefire while they also called for a fast mediaton and  dialogue to  end the war Which the Federal Government of Ethiopia described as  “Unfortunate War”.

A renowned Pan-Africanist and Kenya Celebrated Proffessor of law,  PLO Lumumba has expressed his happiness over the fast response and timely mediation to Ethiopia crisis. In his statement , Lumumba saluted the responsive efforts of the Rwandan President and Head of State , H.E Paul Kagame.

“We salute President Paul Kagame for the efforts he is making to bring rapprochement between the Federal Government of Ethiopia and Tigray Region.” he said.

Prof Lumumba who made his position known through his official Facebook page futher canvassed for supports from all concern African citizens to ensure that peace is achieved.

“All efforts designed to achieve peace deserve our support” Prof. PLO Lumumba added.

Meanwhile , Ethiopian Federal Government Delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister , DPM Hassen  had on Wednesday visited top East African Leaders to Communicate them the situation in their country.

The delegation which first landed in Kampala , Republic of Uganda met with President Yoweri kaguta Museveni . President Museveni expressed his deep concern and sadness over the untold war in Ethiopia and assured his contributions to a Peaceful means to end the war.

Tigray-Ethiopia War Mediation:Prof Lumumba Salutes Kagame
President Yoweri kaguta Museveni with Ethiopian Government officials on Monday at Kampala, Uganda . photo credit. State house Media

In his comment, Ethiopia is a very symbolic State to Africa historically ,being the only African State that was Never Colonized.

“A war in Ethiopia would give the entire continent a bad image,Museveni told Ethiopian Federal Government Delegation.

The delegation aslo met with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya in Nairobi

.Tigray-Ethiopia War Mediation:Prof Lumumba Salutes Kagame
H.E Uhuru Kenyatta with Ethiopian Government Delegation Led by DPM Hassen.

which they were advised to seek a peaceful means to end the war.

Yesterday, President Kagame also received a delegation led by Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign affairs Demeke Mekonnen Hassen for a briefing on the situation in Ethiopia.



H.E Paul Kagame with Ethiopian DPM Hassen.

President Kagame expressed the wish for a rapid restoration of peace and stability, African Report Files can authoritatively report.


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