Aniekan Weds Pat, Modern Ibibio Tribe’s Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

Traditional Marriage of the Ibibio people in Nigeria

Ibibio is one of the leading tribes in Nigeria and it is confirmed as the fourth largest tribe in Nigeria, the Ibibio people settled in the South southern region of the country.

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ANIEKAN SUNDAY WEDS PATIENCE ASUQUO ; see pictures of a moderntraditional Marriage of the Ibibio tribe in Nigeria

By: Uko-obong Efiok African Report Files-ARFs Blog

September 7, 2020

Incredible pictures of the just concluded  traditional Marriage in Nigeria has buzzed  the social media platforms .

Aniekan Sunday recently bid a farewell to a bachelorhood life as he got married to his heartrob, former Ms Patience Asuquo on September 5 , 2020

The above invitation card entails it all.

Both the newly wedded couple are Ibibio as a people . Ibibio People are commonly found in Akwa Ibom and Cross River State , Nigeria while the splinter group of the Ibibio can also be found in Equatorial Guinea and in Southern Cameroon .

Below are the stunning photos took from the Ibibio tribe Modern  traditional Marriage ceremony in a village called Ikot Ebre , Asutan Ekpe Kingdom in Ibesikpo Asutan of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria .

1 :

The male friends and associates taking out the hubby to his Official sit, it’s normally backed with a traditional song and dancing.


The Bride being accompanied to his Official sit by her female friends and associates . It’s also backed by songs and dance traditionally


The bride being romantically welcome to her sit by her hubby being that he was the first to take over the tent.



The official of the newly Traditionally wedded couple at the venue.



Hubby being called by the MC of the marriage ceremony to display his dancing styles while people watches with cheers !



Other incredible pictures followers below


admiration from friends , associates and well wishes.


Patiently waiting for his bride to be called over to the tent

The bride accompanied by Bride grooms , friends and associates to the tent .



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